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What Is Band-O-Rama?

Band-O-Rama is an online service for performing musicians.

Individual musicians can create an account for FREE! Why? See "Manage Your Member Profile" and "Find Musicians" below....

And now, for a limited time, bands or solo artists can Sign Up and get a FREE Membership for a whole year, too.
If you decide to keep using it, it's really, really inexpensive ($2 a month -- less than the cost of a single cold beverage—and that's per band not per member) An annual membership (after your free year) is an even better deal!.

What Can I Do With It?

Keep track of, and share all your songs

You can build a song list of all your songs, with performance information like key, tempo, the name of the original artist, whether this song is "ready" to be performed, is a "work in progress", or is a "maybe we should do this" kind of song.
  • Add lyrics, and display them so you can read 'em while you play
  • Add arrangement details to keep track of intro and ending details, who takes solos, etc., etc.
  • Specify a style for the song
  • Display a metronome already set to the tempo you specified for the song
  • ... and more

Keep track of and share rehearsal recordings

Upload rehearsal tracks and share them with all the band members. No more making CD's! You can play them right from your song list without downloading them. A killer feature when you need to bring in a substitute for a gig at the last minute!

Generate Set Lists

Your set lists can be displayed in a list on any tablet or mobile device. Click on a song and a scrolling teleprompter of the lyrics is displayed.You can also print your set lists,

  • Create sets: using the Shows feature, you can quickly create sets from your song list.
  • Save "Shows": when you have the set they way you want it, you can save it as a "show" so you can retrieve it later.
  • Print set lists: with or without arrangement details. It's easy to move songs around in the sets, so you can get it just right - just "drag" songs and "drop" them where you want them.. Create sets for different occassions (dance sets, dinner sets, oldies sets, all new material sets)... No more hassle trying to hand-write sets for every band member.

Manage Band Members

You can add members to your band, and decide who can add, edit or delete material, and who has "view only" permission (great when you use side men or subs). Send email to any or all band members.

Manage Your Band Profile

You can store links to your band's online rehearsal calendar, and your home web page. Open those websites in a new window with one click.

Display your band's booking information, gig calendar, videos, and links to social networks like facebook, twitter, reverb nation, etc. on a public page. Display your most recent set list to fans, and allow selected uploaded recordings to be played.

Manage Your Member Profile

Band's look for members. If you create a profile they can find you more easily, and you'll only get contacted by bands seeking the criteria you specify:

  • Specify the instruments you play
  • Specify the styles of music you play
  • Create a bio
  • Indicate how far you'll travel to rehearse
  • Upload an image
  • Indicate your availability (working, available, part-time, jam, etc.)
  • Your email address is not published... you'll be contacted by Band-O-Rama on behalf of the band or musician. You can then respond if you're interested.

Find Musicians

The Musician Search feature helps bands find new members who fit the band (a great time saver).

  • In your band's profile, indicate where you rehearse (or just the city / state).
  • Then specify the instrument, the genre of music, and the "availability" (full-time, part-time, sideman) your band needs.
  • Band-O-Rama will search through all members to find musicians who meet your criteria and who are willing to travel to your rehearsal location.
  • You can look at their info (bio, image and comments), and send a message to the musicians you'd like to meet.
  • If you decide to audition someone, you can make them a guest member of your band so they can be familiar with your songs, in the right key and be ready to play when you get together.
  • Individual musicians can search to find other musicians to jam with, too.

Manage Gigs

The Manage Gigs feature helps bands get a handle on the booking process.

  • Add venues where acts like yours get booked.
  • Fill in contact info, phone numbers, and the city the venue is in.
  • Enter the date when you call, and the date you should call back (like a salesman's tickler file.)
  • Enter any other notes about the venue or your contact (like "single or duo only").
  • Divide the work load up among all band members by "assigning" vendors to different people.

How Can I Try It?

If you're not ready to create a FREE account, take a test drive to see why you should.

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